Flix for Kids - Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Flix for Kids store my Netflix password?

No! Flix for Kids actually never even sees your Netflix username or password. It is sent securely over an encrypted connection to Netflix just as it would be in a normal web browser. Flix for Kids 'remembers' you because your login credentials are stored in a cookie just as it would be if you logged in through a web browser. Basically using Flix for Kids is no less secure than using a web browser to login.

Is Flix for Kids available in all countries?

Flix for Kids is available anywhere Netflix is available. If you bought Flix for Kids and do not see any titles, please send us an email with the country you are from because we might have to refresh the database.

Why does Netflix say 'Title Unavailable' when I try to watch certain shows?

This happens when Netflix removes a show from their catalog. After a short period of time they will be removed from Flix for Kids as well.

Will Flix for Kids work on my phone or tablet?

Most likely not, the technology used is only available on desktop computers.

Need More Help?

No problem, send an email to: support at flixforkids.org.