Limit what your kids can watch on Netflix

And take control of the time they spend watching

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In-App Video
Safer than a web browser because kids can't click links!
Favorites First
Add only the parent approved titles to your Favorites List. This is what your kids will see first.
Block From Search
Add titles to the Blocked List so they don't even show up in searches.
Countdown Timer
Set a countdown timer that stops playback so you don't have to.
Child Safe Netflix

Netflix is great but...

Netflix has some great TV shows and movies for kids of all ages but as attentive parents we know it can also be a challenge to control what and for how long our kids watch.

With a constant deluge of new shows, it's hard to keep track of the shows that we've already vetted and that our kids actually like.

While the Netflix kids area is nice, toddlers still have access to teen content and are attracted to the flashy title images.

It is so easy to lose track of time when your kids are watching TV shows. Netflix even encourages binge watching by automatically starting the next episode of a TV series. This is not a healthy habit for children.

Flix for Kids solves these problems and lets parents take control of their children's Netflix viewing.

Safer for Kids

Netflix videos play in the app without a web browser so Kids can't click links, pop-ups or browse to external sites.

No Adult Content

Only movies and TV series in children's categories are available.


Elapsed timer always runs to keep track of the time your kids spend watching videos. Set a countdown timer to automatically stop playback.

Controlled Search

Quickly find and watch any children's movie or TV series available on Netflix in your country. Except for titles that you put in the blocked list.

How does it work?

Flix for Kids gives parents tools to control what titles children have access to and the amount of time kids can watch for. You will use your own existing Netflix account for video playback.

If you don't have a Netflix account you will need one to watch videos on Flix for Kids.

Getting Started

Watch as my 3 year old and I get Flix for Kids setup and watch our first show.

Overview of Favorites List

A quick overview of the Favorites List.

Overview of Blocked List

A quick overview of the Blocked List.